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About Us

Restaurant Peshawar specializes in making pakistani foods from fresh and tasty ingredients, therefore the quality and freshness of the raw materials tied together creates a delicious Pakistani taste experience to calm down to. We create pleasant moments for the customer, these experiences are extremely important.

Special diets

Our Pakistani food is suitable for celiacs, vegetarians, vegans and to lactose intolerants.

There is safe and delicious alternatives both for lunch and à la carte menus.

Mainly corn flour, lentil flour consisting of nuts are used as thickeners.

Our sauces are vegetable based, in addition to the thickeners normally used, tomatoes, coconuts, onions and other vegetables are used as a base for our sauces and are seasoned with curry masala or chili according to which food is in question.

All of our foods are Halal.

Ask Tariq or Basharat if you have any questions regarding the foods.

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